Pure Joy Arts



Welcome to Pure Joy Arts, a virtual gallery of my recent accomplishments in the world of visual art. This is a sampling of what I love to create. All work is for sale at modest pricing. I would be happy to recreate any piece that has been previously sold and special orders are welcome. Just contact me via email: jirwin8483@gmail.com or visit my tumblr site: joyce-virok-irwin.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for your interest.


Artistic Statement

As we journey through life I believe one should share a little piece of ourselves for everyone to enjoy. Creating a work of art that stimulates the senses is my aspiration. Painting is my passion and an ideal vehicle to express my view of the world, hopefully making someone smile in the process. I use various media and techniques to convey a sense of peace and enjoyment. Whether it is a landscape, still life, collage or portrait, my goal is to communicate the joy I obtain from my inspired creativity.